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Anastassia Ballroom Dance Wheelchair Lessons in Florida

Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Lessons

  • NEW DANCE PROGRAM: Wheelchair Dance Lessons for ALL Ages

    What's YOUR excuse, Central Florida residents? Dancing is a fun social activity for recreation, rehabilitation and health wellness programs. Whether you have a learning disability or physical impairment, our instructors have experience teaching students with special needs and will be attaining certification to teach wheelchair ballroom dance lessons at our studio in 2019. Like all our dance programs, the wheelchair dance lessons will be customized to suite your needs with emphasis on ways to improve flexibility, increase arm movements and rotations, and showcase your personality with ballroom dance flair.

    When you join our dance studio, you join our dance family. At Anastassia Ballroom & Dance, we like to give every person the opportunity to experience ballroom dancing by offering a free 30 minute ballroom dance lesson at our studio. During this time, our instructors will evaluate your abilities and your desires for ballroom dancing. Our teachers will discuss dance options, dance styles and introduce our many dance programs. In addition to dance lessons, Anastassia regularly organizes monthly dance party socials for studio members. The events provide an ideal atmosphere for practicing dance moves, meeting new people, and boosting confidence on the dance floor. With the help of our professional dancers, you’ll be dancing, laughing and having fun with fitness in no time - no matter your situation!

    Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing classifications

    Wheelchair ballroom dancing is a partner dance which involves at least one dancer in a wheelchair. Combi classifications involve one able-bodied (standing partner); Duo classifications include two wheelchair users dancing together; and formation dances are composed of multiple dancer couples in formation. Our instructors currently teach combi lessons but plan to offer private lessons for both duo and formation couples in the future.

    Wheelchair Dancesport / Para Dance Sport Information

    Wheelchair dance sport has been introduced in countries around the world since the 1990s. Please refer to the Para Dance Sport website for more information about wheelchair dance sport competitions.

    Benefits of Dancing

    Dancing provides many health and wellness benefits for students of all ages. Some physical benefits include balance, improved flexibility and range of motion, and better coordination. Dancing is a social event and with our group lessons and monthly dance party socials, you'll establish new friendships, meet new people, all while improving social interaction and communication skills with others.

    Special Needs Lessons

    USA Dance Fort Wayne Dancesport championship sponsored America's first Special Olympics ballroom dance competition in 2008. Our studio offers ballroom dance lessons & creative choreography for children with special needs such as sensory processing disorder, autism, down syndrome or other socio-emotional or physical difficulties. Our instructors have experience teaching students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. Learn more information about our school class lessons.


    Our instructors are currently working toward achieving their wheelchair dance certification in hopes all students - no matter their circumstances - will try ballroom dance lessons.

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