Five Reasons to Book Online Wedding Dance Lessons

First Date Ideas

Your first dance together is one of the most romantic wedding experiences. It’s a celebration and rite of passage for any newlywed, no matter the culture. You share your wedding story, your favorite song and your personality in front of all your friends and family. According to the Knot, Wedding Ideas Magazine and, the dance music is one of the important details wedding guests care about most. But with all the additional stress of wedding planning and event coordination, wedding day dance jitters can affect even the most seasoned pros. That’s why our dance instructors recommend ballroom dance lessons to build confidence, create personalized choreography, keep you active and help make your wedding day even more special.

At Anastassia Ballroom & Dance, we offer both in-studio and virtual wedding dance lessons for couples and bridal parties. Online wedding dance lessons by webcam might sound unappealing at first, but it’s actually a very personalized virtual experience for wedding couples. Online lessons provide a great opportunity to learn to dance on your own time from an award-winning dance professional who will choreograph and instruct your wedding routine within a click of a button. Here are 5 reasons to book online wedding dance lessons with us - for you, your fiancé, your parents and even your entire bridal party.

1.) Ease of Accessibility

Arranging local dance lessons can be daunting for newcomers to the ballroom, especially for your entire bridal party. With daily traffic, location issues, dance studio questions – it can be hectic to find the time. Most couples use that as an excuse not to book couple dance lessons, schedule Father-Daughter or Mother-Son classes, or feature a bridal party dance routine at their wedding. Online dance lessons by webcam and video tutorials provide the additional ease of accessibility. If you love to travel or you’re not located in the same city, state or country – online wedding lessons are the best option for you and your fiancé. You can purchase video tutorials to practice individually at home, and schedule a virtual dance lesson together when your time schedules match. It’s simple, easy, and accessible for any person with internet access and a webcam or camera phone. With online dance lessons, being busy or always traveling are not valid excuses any more. A great option for travelers!

2.) No excuse! Fiancé not needed

You don’t actually need your fiancé present to practice wedding dance lessons. You can schedule individual dance lessons, practice video tutorials at home and schedule a virtual couple class when time fits your schedules. Watch Anastassia practice a waltz routine by herself. Don’t start your first years together with dance regrets.

3.) Custom Choreography

Don’t just two-step to your wedding dance! Let’s make it unique with custom choreography to your favorite song. Add some energy, flair, glamour, and swagger with an upscale waltz, a dashing bolero, a rumba-licious routine, sizzling salsa, fun line dance or a wedding medley. It’s your first dance together; have some fun with personalized choreography to suite your favorite style.

4.) Ballroom Dance from Home or in your Backyard!

Don’t have enough space to dance? Don’t fret! If you have internet access on your camera phone, you can ballroom dance outside. Step outside to your backyard, get some fresh air and walk to your favorite park, or move some furniture around in your living space and start ballroom dancing from home with us. With our video-conferencing applications, you can also hide your home background image or use a background blur filter to feel more comfortable when virtual dancing with us.

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5.) An Inexpensive Virtual Bachelorette Party for Friends & Family

According to the Knot, "roughly 50% of attendees spend more than $300 on a bachelorette party". Why not host a virtual bachelorette party on a budget with dance pro Anastassia? Learn a fun line dance class together online, practice the routine at home and dance it as a bridal troop on your wedding day! You can book a virtual co-ed couple class or one just for bridesmaids. It’s a win-win! When you celebrate, we celebrate...

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