Flamenco Dancing Lessons

Olé! Experience the full body and mind workout of flamenco dancing! Our fiery, aerobic dance form of flamenco is a feel-good way to shake off your daily stress, improve rhythm and add some personality to dance cardio routines.

What is Flamenco dancing? Flamenco is an art form combining music, singing, and dance. Our dance courses introduce basic techniques and choreography with mental boosters. Express your feelings and showcase the rhythm of dance movement through the interpretation of footwork, upper body techniques and pataitas. Our dance lessons incorporate a fun fusion of tango elements, character elements, and stylized choreography. Communication and teamwork exercises help create a more social and cultural dances class that embraces the dances Southern Spain origin.

Flamenco Classes

No, you don't need a dance partner for our flamenco lessons. We offer dance classes to students of all ages and all dance levels. Flamenco is an expressive dance and excellent choice for students with special needs. Our dance lessons merge music with movements, a body and mind synthesis to express emotions in a safe and therapeutic environment. Flamenco is also one of our recommended fun fitness ideas for bachelorette parties and bridal workshops to boost bridesmaid morale, lose weight and have fun with fitness before the nuptials.

Health & Wellness Benefits

  • stress relief
  • better posture
  • improve your core
  • add more stability
  • express your passions
  • boost coordination skills
  • cellulite reduction
  • weight-loss
  • cardio fitness
  • emotional catharsis
  • increased neurotransmitter serotonin

Private dance lessons are available for beginners as well as those with intermediate and advanced experience in dance. Learning to flamenco is a fan favorite for special needs dancers, bachelorette parties and girls' night outs.
Comfortable clothing. Shoes with support and small heel. Dance skirt optional. Read more dance wear recommendations