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  • Do you need Professional Ballroom Dancers to perform and entertain at corporate gatherings, parties, workshops, and celebrations? Hire us to perform and entertain at your Central Florida event.

    If you are interested in hiring ballroom dancers to entertain corporate gatherings, private parties, weddings, workshops, festivals or international celebrations, please contact Anastassia Abramenko today! All instructors at Anastassia Ballroom & Dance are award-winning professional dancers. We provide dance instructions and choreography as well as perform competitively and professionally across the globe. We can offer your guests an authentic ballroom show, musical performance, dance workshop special, and more!

    Unsure about our qualifications?

    Unlike other ballroom dance companies, ALL our instructors are certified dancers - meaning, they have/currently perform dance globally/nationally and were trained in the profession as children. We do not hire individuals without long-standing thorough experience and top accolades in the field.

    Watch Our Dancing Skills!
    View Anastassia Abramenko's 2014 Top Place Florida State Winner Circle Results
    View Anastassia Abramenko's 2013 Top Place Southeastern States Winner Circle Results
    View Anastassia Abramenko's 2013 Top Place Southern States Winner Circle Results
    Anastasiya Abramenko, 2nd Place - Pro Open Theatre Arts and Showdance, 2010 Southeastern States Championships

    All Instructors at Anastassia Ballroom & Dance Are Professional Dancers

    Anastassia Ballroom Instructors are professional dancers, phenomenal entertainers and our unique choreography will add pizzazz, glamour, and make any event memorable! We aim to inspire through the art, joy, and showmanship of ballroom dancing. Hire Us today for your showcase performance and special event.

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