Join Our Florida Youth Ballroom Dance Camp

Discover ballroom dancing for children and teens! Our youth ballroom dancing program introduces students ages 5-17 to social dancing skills, teamwork lessons, dance history, and dance etiquette. Your child will learn about proper posture, respect, social cues and build confidence on the dance floor. Most importantly, students will have fun with dance fitness!

Learn New Skills

Join our dance camp, make new friends and have fun dancing! Our ballroom dance camp teaches new dance skills each class to foster:

  • better communication techniques and nonverbal cues
  • improved balance and coordination skills
  • lessons on how to lead and follow
  • cooperation and collaboration skills
  • cardio aerobic physical exercise with fancy footwork
  • creative choreography and excitement through dancing
  • personal growth and character
  • inner confidence!

Camp Dance Elements:

Our ballroom dance classes for children and teens promote the following key dance elements:

  • Broad history of ballroom dance styles
  • Basic choreography and creative outlets for expression
  • Dance culture enrichment and traditional dance techniques
  • Team building exercises
  • Proper school dance etiquette examples (prom prep, homecoming dance, grade school dance etiquette)
  • Musical Rhythm and Balance
  • Healthy Fitness Dance Training

Dance Lessons for the Entire Family

Anastassia Ballroom & Dance instructs ballroom dancing lessons for the entire family. We offer dance lessons for children, youth, pre-teen, and teens in addition to school dance lessons for prom and cotillion events. All our dance instructors have been ballroom dancing since they were very young children, so we strongly value dance programs for our Central Florida youth. Our dance instructors are highly trained in teaching ballroom dance lessons for students of all ages.

Give your child an opportunity to ballroom dance. They will learn life-long skills to communicate more effectively in front of peers and feel more comfortable, creative and engaging in social environments.

Student Showcase

At the end of the dance camp, our student campers will present a special showcase for family and friends. Parents can watch or participate in the showcase with a mother-son routine or father-daughter dance special. Some of our dance lesson style options include: ballet, barre, flamenco, waltz, salsa, foxtrot and many other ballroom dance styles.

Ballroom Dancing Benefits for Youth Dancers

Some mental and physical health benefits of ballroom dancing at a young age include:

  • increased flexibility
  • better posture
  • aerobic exercise
  • improved focus and concentration
  • heightened spatial awareness
  • stress relief
  • emotional exploration through dancing
  • increased neurotransmitter serotonin, expressions of exciting and joy
  • positive impact on classroom behavior
Whether you are looking for an after-school activity for your child, or a way to meet new friends, our dance lessons offer many positive health benefits for children, pre-teens, teens and adults.

Get fit!

Make friends!

Social Dance Atmosphere

Become the next generation Florida Dance Star with Anastassia Ballroom!