Virtual Dance Lessons and Online Dance Classes

Stay healthy, active and socialize from the comfort of your home with our virtual online dance program. Join our weekly virtual group dance classes or book a series of private dance options. Our private lessons are designed for individuals, classes for couples, online wedding dance lessons, and fun workshops for larger groups (3+ participants), such as bridal party ballroom lessons, online business wellness classes, and prom dance prep for school organizations.

Live Video Coaching by Phone or Webcam

All our online classes and private dance lessons are live, virtual and interactive video-coaching sessions using a video conferencing platform. The classes are step-by-step and sharing screen-to-screen. You'll have fun, gain confidence, and improve dance skills through individual, customized remote instruction. Our online courses provide many health and wellness benefits and are all accessible via computer or mobile phone. We're offering the same interactive, immersive lesson we typically provide in-person at our Florida dance studio, but through a computer or mobile platform. Lessons may focus on specific techniques, lead and follow skills, posture, dance steps and recommendations to improve dancing skills. Learn to ballroom dance from the comfort of your home with our online dance classes by webcam. Stream-worthy pre-recorded dance videos - coming soon!

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Custom Video Coaching

One-On-One Dance Lessons

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    Private Online Ballroom Dance Lessons

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  • Fun Fitness with friends and family!

    Virtual Group Dance Classes

    • Live, group video coaching class with Anastassia.
    • Have fun! Watch, learn, stream and connect with friends and family online.
    • Be social from the comfort of your home.
    • Collaborate online
    • Sign up with your friends and family!
    • Learn exciting classes like Latin line dancing, technique courses and rhythm options.
    • No partner needed
    • Duration: 40 min dance class
    • Via webcam / camera phone
    • CLASSES: Samba, Rumba, Mambo / Salsa and Cha Cha line dancing
    • Easy to follow classes for beginners
    • Video chat with Anastassia with personalized dance tips
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  • Fun Dance Socials

    Date Night-In Dance Parties

    • Fun virtual dance party activities to socialize with others
    • Date night doesn't have to boring!
    • Dress up in style!
    • Learn a new line dance lesson
    • Toast to the ballroom
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  • Wedding Couples

    Custom Choreography

    • Enjoy pre-recorded ballroom dance lessons
    • Learn basic dance steps and improve techniques!
    • Choose from a variety of online dance lessons and ballroom styles.
    • Great introduction to the joy of ballroom dancing!
    • Full-screen video options
    • Membership options available.
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Private Ballroom Dance Lessons

All our private ballroom dance lessons are personalized for our customers and tailored to the skill level of the individual dancer, couple or group. Private lessons also include your choice of dance style and song genre. Pick a ballroom style from the large selection of ballroom dances we teach, and list your favorite music genres during online checkout or tell us by phone. Our award-winning instructors will first get to know you, your dance experience, and dance goals - before teaching you a custom routine with unique choreography to your music selection. Please provide up to three (3) genres for music choice. Choose from bolero, cha cha, foxtrot, hustle, line dance, jive, mambo, merengue, quickstep, rumba, paso doble, salsa, samba, east coast swing, west coast swing, Argentine tango, tango, waltz, and the Viennese waltz. We offer 50 minute classes or shorter, 25 min dance courses. Packages include pay-as-you go plans as well as sessions comprised of 3, 5 or 7 lessons.

Weekly Group Dance Classes

Enjoy social distance dancing! Our weekly group dance classes are a great way to have fun, boost your immune system, socialize with fellow neighbors, and - of course - brush up on your ballroom dancing skills. There is no partner required. We’re teaching individual, solo line dancing classes and technique classes. Enjoy virtual Mambo/Salsa, Cha Cha line dance, Samba and Rumba line dancing. If you have some dance style suggestions, feel free to message us. Please view our dance calendar and read our faqs for more dance class details.