Wheelchair Dancing Lessons

Ballroom dancing is a fun activity for recreation, rehabilitation and healthy wellness. In 2017, we introduced our new wheelchair ballroom dance program to remove dance obstacles, improve awareness about para dancing and offer wheelchair dance lessons to our Central Florida community. Our owner Anastassia strongly believes that ballroom dancing should be accessible to all. Whether you have a learning disability or physical impairment, our instructors have experience teaching dancers with special needs, including physical and mental disabilities. Our private wheelchair dance lessons are customized for each individual. Dance sessions adapt routines to boost your dancing desires. Our instructors, for instance, will emphasize ways to improve flexibility, increase arm movements and rotations, and showcase your personality with ballroom dance flair. By providing this wheelchair dancing program, we hope more athletes will experience the joy of ballroom dancing and share their dance skills with others.

Wheelchair Dance Classification

Wheelchair ballroom dancing is a partner dance which involves at least one dancer in a wheelchair.

  • Combi classifications involve one able-bodied (standing partner).
  • Duo classifications include two wheelchair users dancing together.
  • Formation dances are composed of multiple dancer couples in formation.

Our dance instructors currently teach combi lessons to Central Florida residents. In the future, we will offer private dance lessons for both duo and formation couples.

Wheelchair Dancesport / Para Dancesport History

Wheelchair dance sport has been introduced in countries around the world since the 1990s. Almost two decades later, USA Dance Fort Wayne sponsored America's first Special Olympics ballroom dance competition in 2008. Please refer to the Para Dance Sport website to read about the history of wheelchair dancesport competitions around the globe.

Special Needs Dance Lessons

We aim to give every extraordinary child and adult the opportunity to ballroom dance. We offer ballroom dance lessons and creative choreography for individuals with special needs. Our instructors have taught students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities, including sensory processing disorder, autism, down syndrome or other socio-emotional or physical difficulties. Learn more about our Prom Prep classes