Dance Programs We Offer

Whether you are looking for fun group lessons, private lessons, wedding choreography, or competition opportunities, we offer an array of ballroom dance programs to suite your life style and busy schedule. Select from the following ballroom dance programs and packages:

Our Dance Lesson Options:

Private dance lessons are available for all experience levels and all ages. You can enhance your ballroom dancing skills and learn specific dance routines customized for you with one-on-one sessions from our leading instructors. Private dance lessons can be purchased by individuals, couples and larger groups. No partner is required. Call today to schedule your FREE introductory lesson!
Meet new people and enjoy the social atmosphere of our weekly group classes. Our Leesburg studio offers dance lessons for beginners each Wednesday and intermediate-advanced level group dance classes every Friday. We also coach online group dance classes. Check out our dance calendar for further details. As always, our barre master Vladimir instructs Barre Fitness every Saturday morning. Group classes: $10 - $15/person
Our studio hosts fun dance parties each month based on an entertaining dance theme. Some events incorporate costume costumes, dance games and prizes. Each dance party includes dinner, dancing and refreshments. Enjoy a spooktacular Halloween, disco dance, valentine's date night, Hawaiian hula and more hip themes. Check out our Dance Party Events!
Looking for online dance lessons? At Anastassia Ballroom, you can learn to dance virtually from anywhere. In 2017 our owner Anastassia joined to video coach customers around the nation. In 2020 we began offering online dance lessons directly from our website. Students can choose from private online dance lessons, online dance videos, live video coaching, group online dance classes, or shop our virtual dance lesson options.

Dance Programs:

Leesburg Social Foundation Dance Program
The Social Foundation Program is the most important program. It is a personalized program tailored for those that have not taken dance lessons before. Its aim is to develop the dance foundations such as basic step patterns, musical timing, and basic lead and follow skills. This program will help you feel more comfortable and have fun in a social dance setting. View our ballroom dance photo gallery and join our upcoming Leesburg ballroom dance events to best experience the social dance atmosphere of our studio.
The Bronze Program is one of our most popular programs for beginner ballroom dancers. In this program you will spend more time on footwork, step techniques, leading, following and styling particular to each dance type. You will gain a good understanding of the nature of each individual dance. Each new style you learn will build your confidence, so you can embrace any opportunity to get on the dance floor and show off your dancing skills.
Our Silver program focuses on perfecting your dance styling, and further honing the skills learned in the Bronze Program. Silver dancers study more detailed dance moves and artistry expression. Confidence has improved as well as the dancer's ability to glide effortlessly around the entire dance floor.
The gold program is our highest level amateur dance program. Gold level dancers gain a comprehensive understanding of all main ballroom dance styles. This program focuses on developing choreography, advanced styling, and higher levels of showmanship fit for exhibitions and competition performances. Gold level dancers are the type of dancers that you would see on shows like 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'So You Think You Can Dance'. This program involves much time and effort to achieve. Dancers are distinguished at this level; the gold level is the gold standard of ballroom.
Competitions Dance Program
Our competitive dance program accelerates the learning process. Students typically achieve steps more quickly and improve their dance techniques to ultimately become better performers and more technical dancers. Competition dancers fully embrace the ballroom experience. Dance skills are sharpened for those who regularly compete at dancesport events. Grace, charm and personality shine forth from the structured dance framework, greater physical rigor and greater degree of practice. You should not be surprised if you experience heightens levels of dance enjoyment and dance maturity. Other benefits include increased social confidence, enhanced lifestyle entertainment, and greater physical wellbeing. Learning from fellow competitors at dancesport events makes the competition experience inspirational and so valuable in achieving ballroom dance goals.
Fun Fitness Workouts
Our studio teaches the following fun fitness dance styles: Flamenco Dancing, the Ballet Vaganova method and Barre Fitness classes. All ballroom dance workouts introduce fun cardio and strengthening exercises for the entire family. During our classes, you can improve your core, bond with friends and meet Central Florida neighbors - all while shedding those extra lbs.

NEW PROGRAM: Start grooving to the dance beat with group online dance classes featuring over 5+ line dancing classes, like the cha cha and rhythm line dance!
Wedding Dance Lessons
The first wedding dance is one of the most memorable and romantic moments to share together. But with so many guests filming the ritual, there are more and more viral videos of wedding dance failures found on YouTube. We don't want that to happen to you! Let us help make your first dance a happy experience. Learn custom choreography that incorporates your special song. We teach in-studio as well as online wedding dance lessons to help prevent any wedding dance breakdown. For more information, read about our wedding dance packages and the wedding entertainment options we provide.
Youth Dance Camp
We instruct ballroom dancing lessons for the entire family. Our dance instructors teach ballroom dance lessons for people of all ages, starting with ages 5 and up. We offer ballroom dancing lessons and summer dance camp options for children, youth, pre-teen, and teens.

Become the next generation Florida dance star with Anastassia Ballroom!
Business Wellness Program
Give your employees the gift of ballroom dancing. Stay healthier and increase productivity and cognitive functions with our business wellness program for Central Florida businesses. Explore the many mental and physical health benefits to ballroom dance lessons. A healthy workplace is a happier one. Join our Business Wellness Dance Program
School Dance Prom Prep
Prepare for an upcoming school dance event and feel more confidence on the dance floor in front of your peers. Join our school dance lessons for prom and cotillion events. Can't make it to our Florida dance studio? We also offer online ballroom dance lessons.
Wheelchair Dance Lessons
Ballroom dancing is a fun social activity for recreation, rehabilitation and health wellness. Whether you have a learning disability or physical impairment, our instructors have experience teaching students with special needs, including wheelchair dance lessons. Learn about wheelchair dancing lessons!
If you've completed a foundation level course or participated in one of our dance shows, showcase your stellar dance accomplishments