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Celebrate Your First Wedding Dance Together! Make sure that your first dance together will be a beautiful memory that you will cherish forever! The first wedding dance is one of the most memorable and romantic moments of your wedding. Don't let fears of tripping over your feet ruin your special day. Schedule dance lessons instead! Our instructors will create a custom choreographed routine that incorporates your favorite song. Whether it is your First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, or Mother-Son Dance, we can help make your Florida wedding an unforgettable experience that you and your guests will enjoy. It will look great on your wedding video, too!

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We offer several wedding dance packages: Soulmate Specials, Honeymoon packages, Fun Fitness Bridal Packages, or you have the option of creating your own dance program. Our dance packages are designed to help couples prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming wedding events. With all the wedding planning stress, many couples find our dancing classes very cathartic. It's a productive break from all the hustle and bustle of wedding day prep. You can spend 50 minutes each week dancing with your fiancé while preparing for your big day at the same time. With our fun fitness bridal packages, get your whole wedding party in shape for your upcoming nuptials with barre and Latin fusion flamenco dancing classes. These dance lessons introduce fun and amazing workout techniques to tone up your entire bridal party and provide team-building exercises. Call to register your bridal group today or bachelorette party celebration!

Schedule Your Wedding Dance Lessons With Us!

After meeting with our dance instructors, we'll take into account your experience, your strengths, your skills, your dance style interests, the complexity of the dance routine you'd like to perform, and evaluate how many lessons it will take to choreograph the dance to your chosen song. We can add lifts, spins and fancy footwork moves to wow your guests. We strongly recommend our wedding couples choose a variety of both group and private lessons to feel comfortable and confident for the big day. Private lessons are recommended to develop the best choreography for your chosen song(s) with one-on-one dance training while group dance lessons provide a fun atmosphere to practice your routine. Practicing in front of a group of other social dancers can be inspiring and help boost confidence for beginner ballroom couples. Experience the cha cha, barre, waltz, tango, salsa, samba, swing, merengue, flamenco, foxtrot and many other dance styles. Try Anastassia Ballroom and Dance, where your first dance lesson is always free.

Stress Relief

Besides being fun, ballroom dancing is also a great form of exercise. Shape up, tone up and stun your guests with your graceful new dance moves.

Custom Choreography

Our instructors will design a dance routine based on your chosen dance style and favorite music selection. Have fun dancing to your special song!

Practice space

All dance packages include practice space at our studio during business hours to best prepare for your first wedding dance together.

Wedding Dance Prep: Time Schedules

Keep in mind that as the wedding day gets closer, wedding schedules tend to be more hectic as you ensure everything goes according to plan. Although we can quickly tailor wedding dance lessons to fit your needs with just a week before the wedding day, we strongly recommend you start your dance lessons at least three months prior to the big day. More time aids couples and allows more days to practice, especially if you are a newcomer to ballroom dancing. Joining our monthly Leesburg dance parties can help couples build confidence in front of crowds.

Need Dance Entertainers?

Need dance entertainment for the your wedding events? Treat your guests to a dance show or engage your family on the dance floor with performances by our professional ballroom dance instructors.

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