Business Wellness Program to Your Workplace

Today's employees often face growing personal struggles that can interfere with their quality of life and job performance skills. Many find difficulties maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With heightened daily stresses and difficult time schedules, work life balance can be challenging to resolve.

At Anastassia Ballroom, we offer a fun fitness business wellness program to improve employee health and wellness with ballroom dance lessons. Learn to stay healthier and increase work productivity and cognitive functions with our ballroom dance class best suited for your team or workplace. Our dance studio delivers a unique approach to achieving healthy wellness and fitness goals. We provide an entertaining social atmosphere with a variety of dance styles and class time arrangements. Employees can lose weight, get physically fit, boost teamwork skills, focus, improve communication skills, and increase mental acuity. A healthy workplace is a happier one.

Explore the many mental and physical health benefits to ballroom dance. Boost teamwork and productivity with our fun fitness dance classes available to all Central Florida businesses. Give your employees the gift of ballroom dancing and enhance the quality of your workplace life.

Dance Wellness Initiative

Express your emotions in a safe and therapeutic environment with a variety of social dance lessons. Our dance lessons encourage physical well-being, self-esteem, improved employee mood, positive life style health and well-being.

Health & Wellness Benefits

  • stress relief
  • reduce depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Cope through dance expressions
  • heightened sense of well-being
  • improve body image
  • healthy life style
  • boost cognitive functions and coordination
  • weightloss
  • cardio fitness
  • emotional catharsis
  • social wellness
  • enrich social skills

We offer private group dance lessons for Central FL businesses. This can be a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or annual session for your workforce staff to improve teamwork skills, health fitness goals and boost mental acuity. Give us a call or contact us on Facebook.
Comfortable clothing. Shoes with support and small heel. Dance skirt optional. Read more FAQs
Our owner Anastassia strongly believes that "life is better when you dance!" Enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle with ballroom dance lessons at our Leesburg Florida dance studio.
Click the following link to watch one local Florida business learn the fun cha cha slide at our dance studio.