How to Enroll: Online Dance Program

We at Anastassia Ballroom & Dance are very excited to announce the kickoff of our new VIRTUAL ballroom dance program. We’re hosting an online series of weekly group line dance classes and virtual private dance lessons, including online wedding dance lessons, online bridal dance classes and virtual business wellness dance fitness. All our group classes and private lessons are live, virtual and interactive video-coaching sessions. We'll instruct the class steps while you watch, learn, dance, practice, and interact. Our instructors will socialize with you, provide feedback, offer tips and repeat the steps before introducing other dance moves. You can ask questions, chat on the app and still receive one-on-one feedback like we typically do at our studio classes. Easy, Fun + Accessible!

Our Virtual Dance Program Process

How It Works

The classes are taught step-by-step and sharing screen-to-screen using a video conferencing platform that can be downloaded and used on your camera phone, tablet or computer with webcam. We recommend downloading prior to our class appointments to avoid any tech issues. Please read more resources found in our private Facebook group discussion. Ballroom dance lessons may be purchased a la carte (pay as you go) and package plans. After payment is processed, we will provide a link to our virtual dance classroom within 24 hours. If you do not receive the link before 8 am, please contact us by phone, text, email or check your junk mail. Ticketing window closes 2 hours prior to the dance class

How to Enroll

There are various ways to signup. While we recommend you buy classes, gift certificates and party tickets using our online store, your may always purchase:

General Steps






  • Private Ballroom Lessons:* After booking, a staff member will contact you to confirm the appointment date and time. Please allow for up to 1-2 days for scheduling / processing.
  • Weekly Group Classes: Please reserve your spot at least 30 minutes before the start of the dance session.