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Leesburg Wellness Dance Business Program

Add Fun Fitness & Business Wellness to the Workplace

  • Improve the health of your employees with ballroom dancing!
    Create a more productive and social atmosphere

    Fitness is NOT boring at Anastassia Ballroom & Dance.
    Through our innovative approach to wellness, we make fitness fun and feature many dance styles!

    There are a plethora of mental, physical and emotional benefits to ballroom dancing. Not only does ballroom dancing increase your physical activity, but the movement, choreography and skills you'll learn might also improve your mental and cognitive functions.

    Our studio delivers a unique approach to achieving healthy wellness and fitness goals. We provide an entertaining social atmosphere with a variety of dance styles and class time arrangement for employees to lose weight, gain confidence, and increase mental acuity. A healthy workplace is a happier one.

    We offer a variety of custom business options for your workplace - including dance mixers, group classes, latin dance fusion lessons, and social events.

    Work can often be difficult for maintaining relationships. Instead of "Take Your Spouse To Work Days" or "Take Your Child to Work", learn to ballroom dance together on a regular basis. Dance and makes life worthwhile! Ballroom dancing even helps dementia. You can learn to dance at any age to improve your wellbeing.

    Give your employees the gift of dancing. Stay healthier and increase productivity and cognitive functions with ballroom dance lessons. Explore the many mental and physical health benefits to ballroom dance.

    Florida Business Wellness Specials

    In celebration of our Discovery Health Campaign - "Dance a New Year, Enjoy a New You!", we are offering numerous dance discounts and prizes for local businesses, including a FREE group ballroom introductory class for your entire firm. Just place your business card in our lobby bowl and you could win! Call us today or send us a quick inquiry!

    A healthy workforce is more productive!

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