Coronavirus Updates - Dance Health Benefits

Dear Dance Family:

During this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is very easy to get lost reading about the newest virus updates and forget about the benefits of physical activity. In their "Healthy Places' article, the CDC cites physical activity as "one of the most important things you can do for your health” and recommends 150 minutes per week. Don’t just sit on the couch and wallow, let's unite together through our shared love of dancing!

We at Anastassia Ballroom & Dance are providing a new series of online dance lessons, group online ballroom dance classes, live virtual dance lessons, as well as online dance videos. We'll be hosting two FREE virtual ballroom dance classes for our Central Florida community to stay healthy, active and discover the ballroom dance experience. Not only is dancing a healthy form of exercise to boost immune systems, dancing can also be cathartic and inspirational. It energizes the mind, body, and soul. We hope our neighbors can shake off those coronavirus blues, improve physical health and connect with others live and online through social distance dancing! Join our FREE Cha Cha Virtual Line Dance Group Class on Monday, 4/13 and FREE Virtual Mambo / Salsa Line Dance Group Class on Wednesday, 4/15. This is a solo dance. No partner needed. Participants can sign up with friends, family, and meet other dance enthusiasts online. We're hoping the launch of our virtual group classes can help others stay fit and focus on something positive.

Dance Classes

We are offering a new series of online dance classes to help our students maintain their love of dancing in the comfort of their own homes. Learn more about our private virtual dance classes, live online dance coaching, group online dance classes, as well as online dance videos to connect our social dance community during this time of social distancing.

We love all of you and are so grateful to have dancing at times like this. We look forward to everyone making it through this temporary situation healthy, happy, and dancing even better than they were before!